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What Can You Do to Help Prevent Respiratory Infections in Premature Babies?

Premature babies are incredibly susceptible to lung infections that healthier children and adults might not have any trouble fighting off. This means that you absolutely need to be vigilant about preventing these infections whenever you can.

Pediatric Home Care Cutler Bay FL - What Can You Do to Help Prevent Respiratory Infections in Premature Babies?

Pediatric Home Care Cutler Bay FL – What Can You Do to Help Prevent Respiratory Infections in Premature Babies?

Wash Your Hands Often

Most people don’t realize how often they touch their faces or what else they’ve touched throughout a day. What this can result in is picking up germs and allowing them to spread to both you and to other people that you love. Premature babies don’t have the immunity to be able to fight off these germs yet, which can directly contribute to respiratory infections. The simple act of washing your hands thoroughly several times a day can significantly reduce the likelihood of passing along infections.

Wash Toys, Bedding, and Clothing Often

Just as with your hands, clothing, bedding, and toys can all harbor germs that can lead to lung infections for your baby. Make sure that you’re washing these items often to remove those germs before they can cause illness. Use the right methods to properly disinfect each item in order to get the best results.

Avoid Irritants Which Can Make Respiratory Infections Worse

Airborne irritants make your baby’s lungs work harder than they should have to and can even create or worsen lung infections. Whether the irritants are from secondhand cigarette smoke, cooking smoke, or fragrances, limiting these items as much as possible can be incredibly helpful. You might even want to consider avoiding commercial cleaning products that contain heavy fragrances.

Be Mindful of Who Is Sick Around You

People who are sick, even with simply a minor cold, can pass along germs to you or to your baby that can be far more difficult for your baby to weather. Steering clear of people who are sick or from crowds can help you to limit the germs that you bring home to your baby and to the other people that you love.

Always talk to your pediatrician about what you can do to help prevent lung problems for your baby. Consider also enlisting pediatric home care for your child. They can help you to spot simple solutions and take over some of the tasks that are overwhelming.

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