About Us | Our Mission | Our Values

Providence Healthcare Services was founded in 2007 with the goal and commitment of improving quality of life through the provision of quality care. The focal point of the organization has been to help the frail, elderly, and disabled population remain in the comfort of their home environment while receiving the individualized care that they need.

Providence Healthcare Services provides geriatric and pediatric services throughout all of Miami-Dade and parts of Monroe County.  We are a Medicare and Medicaid certified and accredited home health agency offering comprehensive nursing, therapies, personal and non-medical care, and healthcare staffing services.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission has always been to improve quality of life through quality care.  We are dedicated to restoring, maintaining, and improving the health of each person that we touch. At Providence Healthcare, you or your loved one’s well-being is truly our priority.

Our Core Values

Core values are the enduring principles which form the foundation for how we perform work and conduct ourselves in all aspects of our business.  Despite changes in society, culture, or the organization itself, our core values remain constant. They provide the framework for all our decisions, define us as a company, and shape our corporate culture.

The Value of People

We value the inherent worth of people and the unique contributions that diversified relationships bring.  We demonstrate respect toward each other and to all clients, vendors, companies and organizations that we engage with.  We follow the Golden Rule of treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves.


We will optimize our financial and physical resources and fulfill our obligation to build a strong company which will benefit our employees, bring value to our community, and prosper future generations.  We will strive for profitable growth by consistently delivering value while maintaining fiscal responsibility and operational efficiency.


We will build a reputable organization by acting with integrity in our day to day operations.  We will adhere to high ethical standards and ensure that we protect our reputation as an organization that delivers quality, safe, and cost-effective care to all whom we serve.


Our ability to be innovative, demonstrate flexibility, and look at challenges as opportunities will pave our way for continued success.  We will develop innovative solutions that will impact us as individuals and ensure the sustainability of the organization.


We will be passionate for excellence, even in the small things.  We will be focused and dedicated to working with professional excellence for the good of ourselves, our community, and our company.