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Senior Care Cutler Bay FLDue to the changes in elasticity and thickness of a senior adult’s skin, bruising can happen quite easily. These black and blue marks occur because the small blood vessels, also known as capillaries, break near the surface of the skin as a result of an injury. It typically shows up on the legs or arms and will eventually disappear.

If you have started to notice bruises appearing on your senior loved one’s skin, there could be a number of reasons it is happening. Below are some of the most common reasons seniors are more susceptible to bruising than any other age group.

Medication: One possible cause of bruising in senior adults is the use of blood thinners, such as anti-platelet agents and anticoagulant medications. This can cause bleeding from broken capillaries to take longer to stop, resulting in a bruise. Some over-the-counter supplements may cause the elder to bruise easily because of their blood-thinning effect, like ginkgo and fish oil. If you suspect that medication is the reason for your loved one’s bruising, talk to their doctor to see if there is a solution to this problem.

Changes in skin. The most common cause of bruising in senior adults is the fact that their skin has become thinner and has lost some of its protective fat over the years. Without this fatty layer, an elder’s skin does not have that protective layer to cushion the capillaries and prevent them from breaking.

Health problems. In some cases, bruising can be the symptom of a very serious health problem. If you or a senior home care provider begin to notice large bruises that appear out of nowhere on their face, trunk, or back, let their doctor know as soon as possible.

History. Having a personal and family history of severe bleeding will also boost the elder’s risk of bruising. This is especially true if excessive bleeding occurs during surgical procedures.

The best way to help your senior parent overcome their bruising problem is to discuss it with their physician. They may be able to run some tests in order to get a better idea of why these black and blue marks are appearing so easily on your loved one’s skin.

The good news is that bruises typically go away on their own. You can reduce the senior’s risk of developing bruises by reducing the amount of clutter in their home, wearing long-sleeves and pants, and quickly add ice to an area that has been injured in order to lower their chances of getting a bruise.


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