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Tips On Choosing Toys For Children With Special Needs

by | Jan 10, 2017

Pediatric Nursing Care Florida City FL

Pediatric Nursing Care Florida City FL

Children’s play dough

One of the most common difficulties among parents with special needs children is finding toys that are not only fun for the child, but also help with their disability. When choosing toys for children that require special pediatric care, it is important to choose toys that the child is interested in and to choose toys that match their skill level. These tips will provide you with a few ideas for types of toys that will give your child a hands on experience as well as hours of enjoyment.

Motor Control Challenges

Children who have a physical impairment, such as problems with motor control or less than optimal use of hands typically do well with toys that have easy to grasp parts. Physical impairments such as muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy often make it difficult to hold onto a toy, so consider toys that have a heavy base or a suction base. Talk with your pediatric home care provider about recommendations for specific toys that are suitable for your child’s interests and needs.

Vision Challenges

Children with vision challenges typically enjoy toys that have excellent sound effects, various textures and surfaces that allow for sensory stimulation. Children with a mild to moderate visual impairment can also enjoy toys that have bright and/or flashing lights. The degree of texture or sensory stimulation does not have to be limited, nor extensive, it simply should be something the child will make attempts at to feel. Another consideration is books that have “3D” effects on the pages. For example, a book about farm animals may have animals that designed with fur for a sensory effect.

Hearing Challenged

Many toys are appropriate for children with a hearing impairment, however, toys that include volume control, lights and interesting textures may seem more enjoyable for the child. An additional consideration when searching for activities that pediatric nursing care person and the child can do together is 3D painting.

Developmental Challenged

There is a wide variety of toys available that are designed specifically for children with developmental disabilities. However, often times, the best toys are those that are designed for children in specific age groups. For example, toys that allow the child to act out real life situations, such as toy stores, kitchens and/or action figures.

Regardless of the disability, it is important to introduce your child to toys. In many situations, even the most simplest design can provide a range of benefits. For example, crayons and a coloring book are inexpensive, but provide a variety of education purposes, such as learning colors, feeling the texture on the page and learning shapes.

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