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Exercises for Elders with Mobility Problems

by | Dec 6, 2016

Homecare North Miami FL

Homecare North Miami FLOne common excuse older adults use for not exercising is the fact that they are unable to move very quickly or are in pain due to arthritis or another chronic health problem. While these problems may make it difficult for them to do physical activities, it is not impossible to do. In fact, exercising could actually relieve physical pain and give them more energy throughout the day. Not to mention the fact that it can help elders lose weight and stay healthy.

Before participating in any of the following exercises, the senior should contact their doctor in order to make sure they will safely be able to do them. A senior homecare provider can also be hired to help care for the elder, while also monitoring them to ensure they are doing each exercise safely.

Exercises for Mobility Disabled Seniors

Strength training: Strength training can help build muscle, resulting in fewer issues with balance and falling. If your loved one is unable to use the lower part of their body, encourage them to lift weights in order to build muscle in the upper part of their body. Strength training includes the use of weights or other forms of resistance.

Cardiovascular exercises: Exercises that cause the heart rate and endurance to increase are known as cardiovascular exercises. Some popular exercises are walking, dancing, water aerobics, or jogging. Since many of these exercises are difficult for people with mobility problems, they use water aerobics. This is because their body is supported, while there is less joint and muscle pain. There are also cardiovascular exercises available for seniors who are confined to a wheelchair or other mobility device. Check with their doctor or physical therapist to see what options are available for your loved one.

Flexibility exercises: Flexibility exercises are perfect for older adults who need to increase their range of motion or improve their coordination and balance. These are low impact exercises that can prevent injuries and reduce muscle stiffness and pain. Yoga and stretching exercises are just a couple ideas that your elderly parent can use.

Exercising is important for people of all ages, but may be even more critical for older adults with physical disabilities. These activities will not only help your loved one feel better and healthier, but it can also help prevent other chronic health problems from developing. Encourage the elder to talk to their doctor or physical therapists about physical activities that are appropriate for their level of mobility.


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