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5 Simple Tips for Caring for an Elderly Parent

by | Jul 6, 2016

Elderly Care in Miami

Caring for an elderly parent can be a rewarding experience. The adult child will have the opportunity to bond with their loved one, while being able to care for them in the same way their parent cared for them as a child. But along with the rewarding experience comes stress. Family caregivers are often putting their loved one’s needs above their own, causing them to feel resentful, depressed, and angry.

elderly care in miamiWhether the adult child has been caring for their aging parent for years or just began the role of caregiver, there are a few effective ways to provide the home care they need without becoming stressed or overwhelmed.

5 Tips for Caring for an Elderly Parent 

Talk about it. Before beginning a caregiving role, get the elder’s input on what the caregiving responsibilities will be. Doing this at the beginning will ensure the elderly parent is still well enough to communicate what they will need from you before their current or future illness makes communicating difficult.

Ask for help. Taking on the caregiver role alone is asking for trouble. You are bound to have feelings of burnout very quickly by putting too many responsibilities on your plate. Delegate the tasks with other family members, friends, or neighbors in order to get the job done without increasing your stress levels. If you are unable to find someone who is willing to help out, an elderly care provider can step in. These professionals have experience caring for older adults with various illnesses and disabilities and will most likely know how to provide the care your loved one is in need of.

Think about finances. Finance is a word that many older adults do not like to talk about. As uncomfortable as the conversation may be, you need to know what the senior’s budget is, what bills they have, and how much money they currently have.

Find ways to relieve stress. Stress is very dangerous to your health, so finding ways to manage it will keep you healthy. Healthy eating, daily exercise, socializing with friends and family, and getting plenty of rest are all ways to keep stress levels low.

Have empathy. Caring for an aging parent can cause feelings of frustration and anger to rise because of how much time the elder needs to accomplish everyday tasks. Instead of trying to hurry them along, put yourself in their shoes. How do you think they are feeling? They may be feeling embarrassed that their child is taking care of them. Or they could be just as frustrated at their physical limitations. Remember to be understanding towards them and show the elder that they are respected and loved.

Caring for an aging parent does not have to be stressful. Follow these tips and enjoy the time you and your parent have together.

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