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How Can You Possibly Know What to Tackle First for Your Aging Adult?

by | Nov 28, 2017

If you’ve ever looked at your to do list and frozen in fear, you know what it’s like to suffer from analysis paralysis. This condition is one that you can completely avoid, however, it might just take a little bit of planning on your part.

Caregiver South Miami FL - How Can You Possibly Know What to Tackle First for Your Aging Adult?

Caregiver South Miami FL – How Can You Possibly Know What to Tackle First for Your Aging Adult?

Prioritize the Tasks Ahead of You

Start out by writing down everything that you’re trying to get done for your elderly family member. When you look at the list, you’ll probably realize that some tasks leap out at you as being higher priority than some of the others. Possibly one or two tasks will have to be accomplished before you can even start looking at others.

Break Those Tasks Down

If any of these tasks seem particularly large or can be broken down, do so. The smaller you can break these tasks down, the easier it will be to knock out those little chunks and finally start to see some progress. Don’t forget that some tasks, such as paperwork, don’t necessarily have to be done in one sitting.

Delegate What You Can

You might start to realize that you don’t have to do all of these tasks yourself. If there is anything that you can delegate, do so. Most family caregivers have family and friends that want to help, but they don’t know how. Start sorting out which tasks can go to someone else. Hiring elderly home care providers can also help you to knock out some of your tasks. They can help your elderly family member directly while you handle other items.

Let Go of Perfection

So many people hold onto the idea that everything needs to be done as perfectly as possible. Sometimes, however, done or “done enough” is really where you should be aiming. Let go of the idea that you have to attain some level of perfection. Chances are very good that you’re expecting way too much from yourself and giving yourself undue stress.

As you find the right way to handle these types of issues for you and your elderly family member, you’ll be able to tweak your system to keep yourself from slipping back into that overwhelmed place.

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