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4 Tips for Interacting With Individuals With Autism

by | Jan 17, 2020

Here are some tips to take into account when taking care of kids with Autism:

1. Autism helps protect them from seeing and hearing too much. The word “autism” comes from the Greek autos, meaning “self.” While the long-held, incorrect assumption was that people with autism were unaware of the world around them, we now know that they are capable of withdrawing to a certain degree. The autism shield protects an inner thought life as a safe place for retreat when the world’s bombardment becomes too much to bear.

2. Try not to stare. Many people with autism are very aware of their self-regulating behaviors.  Some people with autism are very self-conscious about the appearance of these “stereotypes” and prefer that you ignore them.

3. They hear you when you complain about them. People have made the terrible mistake of believing that people with autism who don’t have reliable speech are incapable of understanding others’ spoken words. 

4. Rudeness is not their intent. People with autism often have a frankness that can be both disarming and alarming. Instead of making a facial expression, tell the individual that his choice of words or actions was not appropriate, and guide him to a better expression.

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