Elder Care Miami FL

Elder Care Miami FL

National Senior Citizen’s Day was established as a way to recognize all of the contributions, wisdom, and leadership senior citizens have provided to society. This holiday is coming up on August 21st and it is the perfect time to celebrate the elder in your life. One way you can show your appreciation is through communication.

Older adults who live alone do not have anyone to sit with and talk to on a daily basis, which can have major health consequences, including depression. If your loved one lives alone they may benefit from the companionship of an elder care aide who will be able to provide the daily communication the elder needs.

Along with taking the time to talk to your loved one, there are other ways to celebrate them on National Senior Citizen’s Day.  

  • Do an activity together. Does your elderly parent have a favorite game, puzzle, or book? Why not make this an activity you two can do together? If your loved one enjoys reading, gather their favorite books together and read them to one another. Try to plan a special night each week to do this activity. It will give the elder something to look forward to and plan on.
  • Create a family history project. If you ask the elder to share some of their memories from their childhood and early adult years, they probably have enough stories to fill up an entire week. Take these stories and transform them into a project that will help you both remember these times in your loved one’s life. Consider putting together a scrapbook with pictures, newspaper clippings, and other mementos from their past.
  • Teach them how to Skype. Skype is a handy tool that allows you to see the face of the person you are talking to, no matter how far apart you live. Skype is especially helpful for distant caregivers. Teach your loved one how to use it so that you both can talk face-to-face as often as you would like.
  • Talk to them. Calling or skyping your aging parent, even if it is just a brief conversation, can greatly boost their mood. Just spending a few minutes chatting with your loved one can improve their self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Surprise your loved one. Surprise the elder by calling or dropping by to visit them when they least expect it. You can also pleasantly surprise them by bringing over dinner, stopping by to clean for them, or bringing a game to play together.
  • Hug them often. A simple hug or other form of physical contact can greatly reduce the elder’s stress level and increase their cortisol levels.


Do not only try these tips on Senior Citizen’s Day, but try to achieve them throughout the year in order to show your parent how much they mean to you.

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